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Hpal held a plenary meeting of Chinese employees at or above the supervisory level

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At 16:00 on June 6, 2020, the hpal project site held a plenary meeting of Chinese employees at or above the supervisor level. Zhang Baodong, Deputy General Commander and site general manager of OBI project, Yu Hai, Deputy General Commander and site general manager of OBI project, Wang Xishun, deputy general manager of site, Cao Yongjian, director of production department, song Yongping, director of production department, attended the meeting. 11 new college students on Obi site attended the meeting as nonvoting delegates. The meeting was presided over by Xie Sheng, deputy general manager on site.


At the meeting, president Yu and President Wang respectively announced the appointment of 33 employees in Obi Island project headquarters, 20 employees in hpal management positions and 39 employees in hpal technical posts, and congratulated everyone. President Xie then read out the "decision on the recognition of employees who have made outstanding contributions to the Obi project site", and interpreted the newly promulgated "hpal Chinese staff salary management regulations" and "hpal Chinese staff performance appraisal methods". Xie pointed out that the meeting appointed a group of employees who have the courage to take on the responsibilities, work hard, or have excellent professional skills, and commended 33 employees who have made outstanding contributions under the urgent, difficult and dangerous tasks, and promulgated the assessment methods. It is to establish an assessment mechanism of "being able to go up and down, with rewards and penalties", so as to achieve the goal of not only achieving the full production of all projects, but also finding, cultivating and reserving talents for future development.


After that, general manager Yu announced the "Temporary Provisions on site leave", and expressed his gratitude to all of you for sticking to your posts during the epidemic period, leaving your home for everyone in front of the project construction, and also paying tribute to the family members who supported and encouraged the employees in China. President Yu said that at present, Indonesia is in a period of high incidence of the epidemic. There is a great risk on the way back home for vacation. When the epidemic situation improves, we must arrange for everyone to return home for vacation and reunite with their families as soon as possible.


General manager Zhang Baodong made a final speech. Mr. Zhang first expressed his gratitude to you for your long-term efforts. Then he analyzed the resource advantages, product market advantages and talent and technology advantages of our hpal project, and looked forward to the bright future of the project. Then, it reviews the process of the project from project approval, feasibility study, site selection, site leveling and construction to the present. It also enumerates the highlights in the project progress and various difficulties we have overcome, and highly praises everyone's spirit of "striving for excellence and endless diligence". With the executive power of "building a bridge in the face of water", the project has developed from scratch and turned the blueprint into reality. The plant construction has begun to take shape, the key equipment such as autoclaves are installed in place, the wharf is fully put into use, the trial production of power plant is imminent, the industrial water intake pipeline is fully connected, and the permanent living area is rising. And pointed out that if the project can be put into production as scheduled, we will be the record maker!


But during the outbreak, our project also faced severe challenges. In particular, many construction personnel can not be transferred to the construction site from the construction company and the construction personnel. However, we still use the Internet and telephone remote connection to fully tap the potential of human and material resources on site to promote the project to move forward steadily. Mr. Zhang encouraged all participants, especially the management and technical personnel, to give full play to the advantages of the team and their own, maximize their subjective initiative, and contribute to the early completion and commissioning of the project. The company clearly normalizes the assessment mechanism. If employees make outstanding contributions to the development of the project in their daily work, the company will reward them according to the actual situation, which will be taken as an important assessment index for the promotion and salary increase of employees.


President Zhang specially encouraged the 11 college students attending the meeting to be proud to participate in the construction of hpal project and grow together with hpal project. We are urged to keep exercising, ensure adequate sleep, supplement adequate nutrition, meet daily work in a positive and optimistic state, and do our part for the early completion and commissioning of the project.

We believe that the difficulties are only temporary. With our joint efforts, the project will be put into production as soon as possible!