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Record of Lygend hpal project (3) - equipment installation

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Indonesia, known as the "country of thousands of islands", is home to more than 10000 islands, which seem to be stars dotted in the vast night sky. Among these stars, there is a bright star and tomorrow's star, which is the Obi island that witnesses the friendship between China and India. On this small island rich in laterite nickel, the construction of hpal nickel cobalt wet process project jointly undertaken by Lygend Resources Technology Development Co., Ltd. and halida group in Indonesia is in full swing. Nearly 6000 Chinese and Indian employees are working hard in spite of the scorching heat and sun, and are working hard with sweat to advance the project progress orderly. One belt, one road initiative, round the clock, is the brand of Li Qin's "endless and excellent" brand. The HPAL nickel cobalt wet project is built into a quality project. All the people are making the final spurt for the project's production day and night.



Hoisting of the last flash tank for high pressure acid leaching


Installation of limestone mill main body completed


All wall plates of neutralization and iron removal tank have been installed




Hoisting of main body of limonite trough scrubbing machine completed




High pressure acid leaching feed tank mixing blades start lifting

These are just the true portrayal of a corner of the project construction site. There are many such corners in the project site, but there are a group of people fighting for it in every corner. They form a team to cooperate with each other to meet the difficulties and jointly complete each construction task. It is because of their hard work and courage to undertake that the project is undergoing amazing changes every day. These changes inspire everyone and lead everyone to chop waves and move forward.

Only when the sea flows, can we show the true character of a hero. Under the strong leadership of the company's leadership, the project construction has reached the final critical stage, and the beautiful vision is waiting for every diligent person to fill in the heavy ink. The victory ahead is beckoning to us. Seize the day, live up to Shaohua, everyone based on their own work, go all out to the project production to do the final sprint! Let's hope and wait for the flowers to bloom.